When something has gone terribly wrong between you and your dog, whether in training, in the home environment, while out on a trail, with children, while playing with other dogs, etc ... This will focus on the basic s of getting things back on track,  making a plan,  the basics of modifying a behavior

April 9th- MDSA Freestyle LIVE Titling Event Baltimore Maryland, Judge Nancy Tanner - Contact Linda Grskovich for more information

April 10th - Cross Training Workshop - building focus and motivation while exploring training from multiple sporting venues.  - Baltimore Maryland - Contact Linda Grskovich  approved for CCPDT 6 CEU's

April 28th - MSU Libraries Distinctive Dialogues -

Nancy Tanner, table host for 'OUR DOGS TODAY'

Do our dogs today differ from those of our childhood? What are the pro’s  & con’s of the dog park revolution, how is this changing the way we view our dogs? Is training really necessary, how is it beneficial for the dog?  Are people getting the  right dog for the right reasons or is the popularity of certain breeds and ‘rescues’ causing more harm than good?  Should breeders be accountable for what they produce, both in health and temperament? Fun, fast paced and information packed! Contact Pam Schulz for more information and reservations

approved for CCPDT 3 CEU's

Back Country Hiking with you and your dog -

May 12th Thursday 6:30-7:45pm  Bozeman Public Library Community Series

Nancy Tanner, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and avid back country hiker will lead a discussion on; canine trail etiquette, multi use trails and right of ways, training before you ever hit the trail with your canine companion, trapping and dog safety, what to carry with you, and wilderness first aid for your dog. A great experience in the back country with your dog starts with good information! This will be fun, fast paced and information packed.

June 16th Thursday 6:30-7:45pm
Bozeman Public Library FREE Community series.
Puppies are not puppies for very long, but during that very short time frame what they learn and how they learn it sets the stage for the adult dog they will grow into…  We specialize in puppies, the stages of canine development, testing litters, relationship work, kind considerate socialization, and teaching new behaviors.  I believe everyone should enjoy their new puppy while teaching life long coping skills, but it is also important for owners to learn a lot about their puppies too! Once a behavior is learned, desirable or undesirable, it cannot be ‘unlearned’ so understanding good management and structure is imperative.  Bring your questions!

July 16th -  Missoula Montana - Freestyle for Fun - Contact Sarah Spencer Hall for more information and registration. approved for CCPDT 6 CEU's

July 30-31st - Boise Idaho - Freestyle & Beyond!  For information contact Mary Hunter at Dogs A' Flying  Registration Form / Flyer This workshop will be filmed by Tawzer Productions and be available to purchase on DVD.  Working spots FULL, 5 Auditing spots available.

approved for CCPDT 7 CEU's

August 13th - Kalispell Montana - Freestyle for Fun! Click Here for Flyer

Contact Gretchen Finch
approved CCPDT 8 CEU's

August 14th - Helena Montana - Lewis & Clark Humane Society - History of Aromatherapy, how dogs process scent, why is it so effective. The Lewis & Clark Shelter will be participating in a trial test with Paws & People Room Mists. For more info contact Tom Kandt

December 10-11th - Red Lodge Montana - Treibball - WOOP! this new sport is going viral through the dog training world, and there is a reason for it... It's not only fun, really fun, but it creates an amazingly strong team.
Let's Get Started and Pushing On.

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