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Nutrition & Behavior

January 6th Thursday 6:30-7:45 - Bozeman Public Library Community Series

Nutrition directly affects the way our dogs behave, and our dogs behavior can directly affect our households. The first step in taking fire out of some behaviors is to look at the nutrition your dog is getting first and foremost. Come and share in the discussion on what is biologically appropriate nutrition for a canine, what to look for in marketing and labels, how is kibble processed, making your own verses pre made, and more.

Nancy Tanner, Vicky Whitney a raw feeder and proponent of biologically appropriate diets, Libby Mock of Bridger Feeds, and Dr. Jane Mittelsteadt TCVM will be leading this discussion and have handouts and information on hand.

I was born to do... -

February 17th Thursday6:30-7:45  Bozeman Public Library Community Series

Choosing the right breed for you and/or your family is the first step in successful ownership. A fun  look at various breeds and what they were bred to do, how they are adapting into 'family pet' life, and what owners should be prepared for if they choose to own certain breeds. Fun discussion with slide show

March 6th - Freestyle Workshop- Helena Montana

Focus, who me? -

March 10th Thursday 6:30 - 7:45pm Bozeman Public Library Community Series .

This was our first all day workshop over 6 years ago, and to date, our most popular! This will be a 1 hour condensed version in regards to what handlers need to do in order to build the focus they desire with their dogs.

Going South, and quickly!

April 7th Thursday 6:30-7:45pm  - Bozeman Public Library Community Series.
January 14th - Treibball - Red Lodge Montana Beginning thru Pushing On Mini Workshop! 9-12noon Contact Elaine to register.

January 15th - Freestyle - Red Lodge Montana - tricks, movement, team and focus ... on both ends of the leash, Mini Workshop 9-12noon Contact Elaine to Register

February 11th - Red Lodge Montana Yellowstone Dog Sports. 9-12 Treibball/Pushing along! - 1-4pm Freestyle/building flow and choreography

February 18 -19, 2012 - Wild West Winter Fest - Bozeman, ... FUN STUFF THIS YEAR!

March 10th - Freestyle - Cross Training and beyond! Red Lodge Montana Yellowstone Dog Sports.

March 10th - Treibball - Pushing On! Red Lodge

March 31st - FULL Ready Set, HIKE! 9-4:00pm Bozeman, MT. TawzerDog will be filming this full day workshop for our upcoming DVD. Contact

April 12th - Distinctive Dialogues - MSU Friends of the Library. (I's still thinking of my topic... should be awesome!) Bozeman...

June 9th - Freestyle - Building a Routine - Helena Montana. Contact Joni Wissenger for more information.

June 24th - Aromatherapy and our pets - Hope Crisis Conference - Bozeman, MT.

July 8th - Building the Therapy/Crisis K9 Team, Bozeman MT. From puppy to certified working team.
Nancy Tanner, Nancy Rosen, Mary Martin

July 27-29th - Red Ants Pants Music Festival - White Sulpher Springs. The Scent Project will be one of the vendors at this great event! Our booth is going to be super cool! Hope to see you all there!

August 4th - Mini Workshops with Nancy - Bozeman (our new facility)

August 23 - Free Instructor Demo Reactive Rover Handling Skills - building a better emotional response

September 6 - Free Instructor Demo Raw Food Demo. Whole carcass feeding, Make your own, buy pre mixed. Q & A

September 8th - OPEN HOUSE & FitPAWS Demo with CCI Instructor Helene Teifenthaler from Laurel MT. Equipment to try, demo, order or buy. This is a free demo and open to all.

9/20 - Building Basic Behaviors - Start thru fluency. Word choice, building a behavior, space, timing and more. 10 basic behaviors all teams should have. There will be time to demonstrate other behaviors. Bring your list of what you would like to see.

10/11 - Working/Living with a multiple dog household - my crew of four dogs will be at the Dog Gym. Multiple dog households can feel overwhelming. Tips on creating balance, calm, and a healthy household, all of the way around!

11/1 - Lose Leash Walking & Stays - The two behaviors that get neglected the most, AND the two that should be getting a bit more attention. Learn how to teach your dog so you can be a reliable team!

     Nancy Tanner
    Mini workshop - Agility
Small sequences, distance, go-on, handling skills
     Paws & People Dog Gym
 9/29      2-5pm      Nancy Tanner
     Mini Workshop - Treibball
from green horns to advanced. This sport rocks!
     Paws & People Gym
 10/6 - 10/7
     9-5pm      Nancy Tanner
     Cross training for Team Success -
Contact Mickey Maynard
CCPDT CEU's pending      Fairbanks, Alaska
 11/3      9-5      Nancy Tanner
     Treibball - from starting to pushing on!
     Helena, Montana

 11/1      6:30 - 7:45
     Nancy Tanner
     Free Demo - Loose Leash Walking & Stays - tune it up or learn something new!
     Paws & People Gym
 11/29      TBA
     Nancy Tanner
     Demo - Holiday Demo for FelizNaviDog event
     Gallatin Fairgrounds

 12/13      6:30 - 7:45
     Nancy Tanner
& Libby from Bridger Feeds!

Danielle from eagle Ridge Ranch will be there with bones, offal, and organ meats!
     Free Demo - RAW FOOD & Nutrition - popular, requested, and information packed! carcass, offal, bone, mixed, commercial...
     Paws & People Gym
 12/6      7-8:30pm      Nancy Tanner
     Lewis & Clark Humane Society Fundraiser
     Helena, Montana

 1/5      2-5     
Nancy Tanner

     scentsABILITIES - nose work