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 Bozeman, MT

Happy Hounds of Dillon
'scentsABILITIES' - learning the art of olfaction, creating a  salient scent, building an indication, learning HOW to trust your dogs lead in nosework!
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Black Hills, South Dakota
The art and skill of building a freestyle Team. Choreogrpahy, moves, style, and bringing out a Teams WOW factor.

Yellowstone Dog Sports, Red Lodge, MT
"Working with Dogs Outside of Neutral" 

May 2-4th
Black HIlls Dog Training Club
Rapid City, South Dakota

JANUARY 8th 2015 -

DOGS THAT MAKE YOU GO ... WTF? Learning how to go from Force to Finesse 

Living with a young exuberant dog, a performance dog, or a dog with opinions? Sometimes living with a dog is not as straight forward as you had planned. We become a student and our dog becomes the teacher. This is a fun, fast paced, and information packed talk on how to live with a dog that is more like a Ferrari when what you wanted was a VW Bus.


Reviewing two case studies on aggression in family pets. Nature and nurture both play a large role in how a dog feels about their world, but where we humans can get super goofed up is when we take advice that actually causes more harm than good, and then we label our dogs, changing how we feel about them. These two cases are deeply interesting, and informational of what works and what does not. Also a discussion on 'what is aggression, what is aggressive behavior and what is not'.

MARCH 12th 2015 - SO, you want to train your own Service Dog?!

Alicia Smith and Nancy Tanner will be presenting the ins and outs of training your own service dog. Alicia will be presenting on the legality of having a service dog and what is required. Nancy Tanner will be presenting on the reality of 'owner trained service dog', the time, skills, socialization, and temperament requirements of a service dog.

APRIL 9th 2015 - “The Big Q & A”
You have all asked for a Question and Answer night, so the final talk of this winter seasons Free Lecture series will be Q & A.

There will be cards at the door for you to write down your questions, or you can bring them in ‘pre-written’. You can sign your name or leave it anonymous, that is the beauty of the evening! All questions will go into a bowl and I will draw one and spend 1-5 minutes answering. Please bring pen and paper to write down any information you feel may help you, this evening is for you all. Hope to see you all there, Nancy Tanner.