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 Bozeman, MT

Paws & People will be moving during the Summer of 2018 to our small urban farm in Bozeman, MT. 

Our new farm/training area will be a blend of everything we do and love, working with dogs, biodynamic gardening, nutrition, and farming.

We will have

 - an indoor Training Studio

- a Puppy Pantry for nutritional consults and supplies

- a large pasture for off leash/outdoor work and dog sport readiness

- and lots of fresh air which is good for both humans and dogs

We have been looking forward to this move for some time and will be excited to share this with you all. - Cheers, Nancy 




Paws & People was founded in 2003, in Bozeman, Montana. PRESS. We are an integrative training business that works on the social, emotional, physical, and nutritional well being of each dog, because we believe in reaching potentials.

All teaching is centered on building a strong handler/dog relationship, using reward based training.

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We offer year round small group classes, from puppy and adolescent training, through the creative classroom, treiball, circus tricks, nosework, and family manners.

We specialize in puppy & adolescent development programs.

We also offer private one on one training and behavioral consultations. This is a great way to get the information you need to be successful with your dog.

Nancy Tanner, founding owner and head trainer, also travels extensively each year to give classes and workshops across the United States for other training facilities, and clubs. She is a Certified Trainer.

Nancy offers extremely high quality instruction to family pet owners, competitors, ranchers, and professional handlers. Every Team deserves an awesome education, on both ends of the leash! The more we know, the better we can do.