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 Bozeman, MT

6-11 months - This class is designed to help the owner continue training successfully through one of the most trying developmental stages. We have specialized in puppy and adolescent development classes since 2003. Our goal is to equip the HANDLER with understanding, patience, good teaching skills, knowledge, and information.

RESOURCES PAGE - (teething, vaccine, spay/neuter, etc)



  • capturing settle

  • appropriate socialization for the adolescent

  • when to ask for more, when to manage

  • bringing basic behaviors into fluency

  • shifting criteria depending on attention

  • loose leash walking with distractions

  • side walk passing, meet & greets

  • body awareness work

  • settle on the mat

  • stays with distance, duration, and distraction

  • and more.

The class curriculum for our adolescent dogs is flexible, depending on the group dynamics each session. We want to work on successful training both inside and outside of our classes, so we adjust depending on the group. The adolescent dog, family manners, cross training in Bozeman, MT is a unique blend of classes to help understand and work with the maturing dog.

We offer a 10% discount for those choosing to repeat this class with the same dog, this is our MOST repeated class.

Adolescent Privates - If group classes do not fit your schedule we do offer private adolescent training. mid mornings, for more one on one instruction. A great way to start an adolescent off with good information, or simply fine tuning a puppy behavior that is important to your household!

New to you Adolescent Dogs - if you have just adopted/found a dog, we recommend signing up for a series of privates. Group classes with a young dog who is just getting to know you can be overwhelming.