Puppy & Dog Training 
 group & PRIVATES
 Bozeman, MT

cost- $155  - 90 minutes, anything over 90 minutes will be billed every 15 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

Follow -Up appointments - $75 per 1 hour 

Transportation fee applies out of the Bozeman area

follow up notes - $25

In order to schedule an appointment, the registration form and payment must be submitted, once this is received we will then contact you with available dates and times.

Because we work with Teams across the country, please choose the service that best works for you and your dog.




NOTE - if there is something that prohibits working with your dog at the time of service (health, behavior, arousal, environment) - the appointment will be cancelled in the first 15 minutes, and only a $25 service charge will apply.

Our Behavioral Consultation is designed to work with the dog and owner in a one on one environment. Consultations are a great way to address your dogs needs and/or your concerns at our facility.

We take a thorough history before the initial appointment. Your attention to supplying accurate details is important. Our strategies for your arrival at our facility, and entering the site allow us to observe you and your dog in a new environment. This initial information is actually important.

Time is spent observing your dog, your way of interacting, and your dog responding. Depending on the context of the appointment, sometimes we will work with your dog, but it isn't always necessary and/or appropriate.

The consultation is just that, to give you a better understanding on what is happening and information on the initial work that will need to be done. 

Aggression cases that have gone unchecked for a period of time will run longer as the history is important.  Please plan accordingly. It is important that you not only receive the information you need, but that you understand the initial plan for you and your dog. After the initial consultation, if there is a need for follow up appointments they will be schedule as a 1 hour follow up.