'The Canine Good Citizen Test' by AKC. It tests the 10 most basic behaviors every owner and dog should know. The AKC CGC 10 test items.

To be successful there must be a dedication to working at home during the week with the suggestions given by the instructor. If you are ready to test, please schedule.

Taking the CGC to get ready for your Therapy Test? Check out my DVD on training for Therapy or Crisis work.

We offer the STAR PUPPY in our puppy training

We offer the CANINE GOOD CITIZEN TEST for adult dogs 

 And we also offer the COMMUNITY CANINE , it is a program and test, out and about in town, in stores, and on the MSU campus. THE PREREQUISITE - Complete and pass the CGC test, and either be AKC registered or an AKC Partner.

AND we now offer the URBAN certification TITLE with AKC... it just keeps getting better! If you are interested in this title please read the TEST ITEMS

Becoming an AKC PARTNER, if your dog is not registered or is a mixed breed, it's super simple to do on-line, if this certificate and title is one of your goals. (you need this to take the canine community class)



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