Canine freestyle is putting the FREE back into training and the relationship. This is an awesome and creative sport, you can have fun with it in your family room, yard, field, or beyond! No equipment necessary, just you , your dog, and if you want, good music!

Learn how to start 4-5 new tricks/moves each week, build a great relationship with your dog, and have fun doing it! This class will have an emphasis on 'free' in working with your dog. There is no better sport or activity, than freestyle, to really change the relationship and move it along in a great direction.

We will focus on freestyle 'heeling', which is movement, very creative movement. We will be working with your dogs attention, your attention and motivation, and having fun creating freestyle moves that suite you and your dog as a team.

This is the one sport that really brings out the best in a working relationship, focus and attention... and it is great fun for you and your dog! Freestyle brings creativity to any training program... Great for Puppies and adult dogs... family pet owners to dog sport competitors.


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