Living  with a dog 'outside of neutral' can be frustrating, scary, tiring, and difficult, amongst other things. But the reality is, once you learn how to work with your dog, not against them, you will find they are the best  teachers you will ever have.

This class is designed to help you learn how to work with your dog, understand environments, learn better handling techniques, alleviate stress, identify canine body language signals, improve your timing, and to become a Team.

Reactive can apply to dogs that are joyful, cranky, fearful, stressed, cautious, or have malice intent. Reactive can be towards dogs, people, or environments. Reactive is simple a term that means 'reacting', a knee jerk reaction.

Dogs, when in an environment where they feel safe, do a pretty good job of balancing their thoughts and emotions. All animals, us included, need to be thoughtful and emotional at the same time. Imbalance or instability comes when this finely balanced scale goes out of wack, either too thoughtful and not enough emotion, or too emotional and not enough thought. Reactivity is more or less, emotional instability. And the bottom line, you cannot work effectively with an emotionally unstable animal. You have to reach stability through a safe and peaceful environment, before any good work can happen. And that is where our program comes in. We teach you how to learn, see, hear, and feel on a whole new level so you can make better choices for your dog, so emotional stability becomes the norm.

A pre-interview is necessary for this class to see if you are at the appropriate stage in your training to enter a small group environment.

This class requires interaction and feedback each week. The weekly work and management plans are a must in order to attend each week. If you feel  that you are dedicated to the process, have the time, and want to move forward, then this might be the class for you. 

We started this class back in 2005. It is singly one of the most information intensive classes we have.  Prepare to be inspired!




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