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 Bozeman, MT

SIDEWALK PASSING - MEET & GREETS - LOOSE LEASH WALKING - These behaviors are some of the most wanted/requested by our family pet owners, and the behaviors that get the least amount of practice.

Practicing in our class and learning HOW fun they can be for both the human and dog is our goal. Games, patterns, and practice, to help you become a good teacher for your dog.

The first step is understanding the the leash is for safety and is the cheapest insurance you can have. BUT your voice is the important leash that keeps your dog with you. We work with very little leash pressure and a lot of verbal guidance. We mark positions, motion, directional changes, speed changes, and more...

Movement is a great way to connect with your dog. We believe that is never about walking with a destination in mind, but to be prepared to do lots of detours. That is where the fun really happens together!