Puppy & Dog Training 
 group & PRIVATES
 Bozeman, MT

cost - $75 per hour

travel charge outside of Bozeman Central - $25 an hour in route

In order to schedule an appointment, the registration form and payment must be submitted, once this is received we will then contact you with available dates and times.

Because we work with Teams all over the country we have several different options for you to choose from - 

IN PERSON PRIVATES / COACHING - A One on One personalized session. You choose the skill/s you would like to work on, and I will demonstrate the process with your dog, and then coach you. This way you can take your new skills home and practice away! Whether you want to learn something new, start modifying a behavior, learn a new skill, and / or better management techniques, this is a great way to focus on what is important to your household. Teaching and training are a process, there is no such thing as an over night success. 


1 - If you are looking to have a quick question answered, or just doing a check-in - our phone consults are $1 per minute

2 - If your schedule is busy or you live far away, a phone consult is a great way to touch base and get your questions answered. The first session is one hour, if future calls are recommended than arrangements can be made for additional  time options.

E-MAIL / VIDEO PRIVATES - If your schedule is busy, you live far away, or you and/or your dog cannot leave your home, this option is a great way to work together. Once the appointment is scheduled you will receive an e-mail requesting a video of you and your dog, and an example of what it is you want to work on or discuss. Then there will be e-mail follow ups with recommendations and suggestions. 

Please choose the option that would work best for you and your dog. 

FEAR, CAUTIOUSNESS, AGGRESSION, CONCERNS - If you have concerns about your dog, or your dog is trying to, or has caused harm to person, place, thing, or another dog, then our BEHAVIORAL CONSULTATION is the correct service for you.