COST - $5 per play group

Year Round - Sunday Morning

Summer Special - Wednesday Evening

Our play groups do not take the place of ourTRAINING CLASSES. Please make sure you have a good balance between socializing, learning, and teaching! Our PUPPY CLASS SERIES fills every month, if you would like to train with us we would love to have you, but please make sure to register in advance, as these classes are age specific.

SUNDAY (year round)


16 -25 week old puppies (medium to large breed puppies) OR bigger play style

8:45 - 9:15 AM - NEW TO THE WORLD!

10-16 week old puppies 


Our tea cup, miniature, small breed dogs - 10 weeks - adult.

(if your small breed dog is an adult, they must be very social to come to this group)

Come for the whole time or just part ... Supervised socialization, safe environment, indoor and outdoor!


FEE - Our fee is nominal but necessary. If you don't bring $5, we do not offer credit. Please come prepared.

CHILDREN - All children under the age of 14 must sit in one of our chairs during play groups. There is no running around, stepping on equipment, or picking up puppies. There are no exceptions. 

HEALTH - All puppies and dogs must be in good health, and have received at least their first round of vaccinations. If your dog shows signs of gooey eyes, coughing, gagging, sneezing, lethargy, unhealthy appearance, loose or unhealthy looking stools, please do not come to our group play. We will ask you to go and see your veterinarian before coming back to the Sunday Puppy Play.

BEHAVIOR - If your puppy is acting with any level of malice intent, or attempting to harm another dog or person, we will ask you to discontinue Sunday Puppy Play and sign up for a Behavioral Consultation. Our Play Groups are not designed to 'cure' behavioral problems. 

MALE MARKING - We have some male dogs reach sexual maturity before they age out of puppy play groups. If your young male dog is starting to mark, our play groups will not be available to you. We don't want your young one to rehearse this behavior in our facility.

FEMALES IN SEASON - some of our young females come into their first heat cycle while still age appropriate for our play groups. During their heat cycle, and standing heat, they are not permitted in group play. Heat cycles can last 6-21 days.

PARTICIPATION - We are not a day care, or a drop off service. Sunday Puppy Play is a well managed play time. One lead instructor and two to three assistants at all times. We do ask that you are also actively watching your puppy, and if we ask you to pick up your puppy for a momentary removal, that you are able to do so kindly and considerately. This is part of managing a group of puppies, young dogs. You will learn a lot about your puppy, puppy play, body language, and breed types. Please don't forget your camera!

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