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Memorial Scholarship recipients 

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Riffle and Anne were so inspired about learning that they took everything from our early development classes, to agility, treibball, scent work, and freestyle.

Riffle and Anne traveled the back roads of the Rocky Mountains, fly fishing, hiking, and basically just enjoying the travel time together.

We offer 'The Riffle Memorial Scholarship' to honor a young dog who trained with me several days a week for over a year, with her seriously dedicated and loving owner.

Riffle tragically lost her life at fourteen months, and it was like someone had kicked us all in the chest. She was so loved, and just part of everything we did.

I could think of no better way to honor her and her owner than to offer a scholarship in her name. 




This Scholarship is not for the casual dog owner. This scholarship is for the dog owner that wants to learn more, do more. This is for experience, education, and to further skills and knowledge. It is a massive time commitment, both at our facility, and working at home. 

As per Riffle, there are no excuses, no makeups, and no 'I didn't have time this week'. You will be training under, assisting, and working with Nancy Tanner.

We will accept written essays from October 1st - November 15th 2015. The recipient will be announced by December 1st. Please send us an essay telling us who you are, who your dog is, and what you are currently doing. Tell us how this scholarship would help you and your dog, and what you would hope to gain.

Send all essays to nancy@pawsandpeople.com - in the subject line please put "RIFFLE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP"

You must complete the following program from January - June 2015, so please make sure your schedule will allow for that, that you will have the time and transportation.


Able to attend three classes (4 weeks each) in a 6 month period, no missed dates/classes.

Able to do all of the homework that is presented. 

Send in a final essay of what you have learned and or achieved.

Observe one puppy class (4 weeks)during a 6 month period.

Observe one specialty class (4 weeks) during a 6 month period.

Assist in one puppy class during a 6 month period.