​nose work, scent tracking, instinct based class in Bozeman

Prepare yourself to be impressed with your dogs ability to detect scent! This class is open to all dogs, all breeds, young and old! Great for family pet owners, dog sport competitors, and SAR Teams.

Our classes are MIXED LEVELS - we have beginning Teams thru Advanced Teams working in the same classes

STARTING - This is an instinct class, not a training class, and this is what sets it apart from any other class that we offer. You will be following your dogs lead, literally! This class will explore a dogs natural ability to track and find scented objects, using search & rescue techniques, based on play with a purpose. We will be using specific scents (target scent) on specific items (scent article) to start. We provide both for the first session.

Building what is called a 'salient scent' is our goal. When a scent is salient it means that it has a specific value for the dog, and that it has been conditioned with some type of high value reward (food or tug toy). When a dog inhales and is gathering scent information, the dog can process up to 119 different scents at the same time, in milliseconds, the scent that has been paired with a particular value will be the salient scent, and the scent the dog will persist in finding.

We will also be learning about our dogs natural alerts when they 'hit' the scent, and then their indications when they locate the salient scent. Team work, trust, and fun! A great new job for your dog, whether you’re looking for a new game to play at home, competition, or going into a professional olfaction line of work!

For our Teams -

We supply a 'single scent article' to get you started, this will only be effective for the first class, and only with a single scent. It is highly recommended to purchase a single scent bottle or the scentsABILITIES KIT. Kits are available for purchase during class time.

Your dog must be on a pulling harness  6-10 foot leash.

HIGH value rewards or a tug toy if they are crazy about tug.




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