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 Bozeman, MT

Our SNIFF OFF's are an extension of our scentsABILITIES class. They are our FUN MATCHES. 

More than the class room, less than a big venue competition. You don't need to be perfect, nor does your dog, this is for your own practice, and getting out to do more with your dog. It is a very encouraging, and friendly environment! And who knows, you might find out that competition is something you and your dog like.


pre-registration required (form below)

(pay on the day) - once I receive your form, I will e-mail you within 3 days with the line up and start time.

we are int he process of scheduling for SUMMER 2016 - hang tight!

The qualifications for participating in a SNIFF OFF -


  •  Nosework experience in a different but similar venue

  • Are doing scent work for a SAR organization with your dog

We will offer a variety of search scenario's, some or all of the following (it always varies)

  • interior -container

  • interior - open floor, regular room items

  • luggage

  • instinct row

  • exterior - container

  • tracking

  • partial burial / pit work

  • vehicle

Items to bring - 

  • crate in your car (no room to crate in our facility)

  • food

  • HIGH value rewards

  • tug toy

  • water

  • water bowl

  • leash

  • harness

  • potty bags

  • your target scent, and scent article