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TREIBBALL (pronounced Try-Ball) is a new way to play with your dog! A great new sport for dogs that have a lot of energy, can work off leash, and have owners looking for new and fun ways to get some great physical and mental stimulation. This new sport is all about TEAM, self control, accuracy, and working together. We Love IT!

This sport originated in Germany in 2005, and the word 'treibball' means 'drive or push ball'. It started as a way to show owners how their dogs have impulse control and self control, but also how to help dogs use what they have. This sport came to the states in 2011, and Paws & People was the first training business in Montana to offer treibball in classes, privates and for On-Line League Play. It is still one of our more popular sporting classes.

Paws & People is also the home for THE WORLD TREIBBALL LEAGUE - this is an on line international group of 'pushers', from beginning thru advanced. Educational, supportive, skill building, problem solving, games, creative, and rock star fun! We offer seasonal league play, winter and summer, and also educational opportunities.

2015 WINTER LEAGUE - January thru March

The WTL also offers on line TITLING EVENTS for those that have great skill and are looking for a more competitive venue. This is independent and at the teams own speed.