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PAY - $25 per entry

Puppy & Dog Training 
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 Bozeman, MT




​please make sure to fill out the full submission form after your payment has been accepted. Thank you! 



Trick Dogging is for Teams that want to have fun, love to train, like to practice tricks, want to play with new skills, are  curious about learning more, and are interested in earning TITLES.

Want to know what we are looking for? Here are the TITLING LEVELS and our TITLED TEAMS

This is an on-line program, where you submit the form below, submit your payment, and a link to your video entry. If your tricks match the LEVEL you are working on, we will list you on our TITLE page and send you a certificate of achievement.

This program has no time limits, you work at your own pace, and submit your videos when you and your dog are ready. It's that simple, and that awesome!

Paws & People Founder, Nancy Tanner, has been trick training for over fifteen years, and believes in a strong creative foundation for all training programs. If you cannot attend one of her group classes or workshops, or you are ready to earn TITLES, this is a way she has found for everyone to participate, and have fun!


1. For reward based trainers. No exceptions. This is about your dog, make it good all the way around! Your dog must show willingness to play with you.

2. Yes you can reward your dog while filming, BUT you cannot lure your dog with food or toy, big difference.

3. You can use voice and/or body cues for each trick, but you cannot hand, food, or toy lure your dog into position/s.

4. When video taping, no collar, no leash, no harness. We like our dogs naked when playing with tricks. Humans do need to be fully clothed however.

5. All tricks must be done safely, and with common sense and good judgement. If a trick doesn't make sense to you, please e-mail us, and lets chat.

6. TRICK DOGGING TITLING  LEVELS - check them out. You need to start with LEVEL 1 and work your way through numerically.

7. Each LEVEL must be on a separate entry, separate payment, and separate video. 

8. Videos may be edited between tricks, clips spliced, and have music or voice overs. You can also add text if you want, but not a requirement.

9. Each trick at each LEVEL must be identified with text or audio saying what the trick is.

10. Whether you TITLE or not, there are no refunds, once payment, form, and video link are sent in.

11. If your video of tricks matches the criteria for the level you are entering, a Certificate of Achievement will be e-mailed to you within two weeks time.